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What’s here

You are going to find here a collection of thoughts about on-line communication based on experiences gained by painful correction mistakes during long years.


All online communication is a mix of a website, social networks. And you try to find what you have screwed up and how to fix it.

Why Ambition…

The ambition to be always better is the only way to get to a pleasure to master something or even to excel in it.

…and why 42

42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.
And let’s hope, that you are going to find it here.

We could call this site a “Blog about ambition to reach the optimum way to ensure the best on-line presence” or “Blog about the best making and managing websites and social media, communicating on-line, usability, accessibility, user experience, web analytics and social media analytics” or seek even more explicit (and so longer) name.

But one may be brief and just say “Ambition 42” full stop 😀